Tuesday, February 21, 2012


“Another thriller asks what happens when the world’s economic system collapses. Dan Romain provides his answer in The Quaker State Affair in a thriller that seems ripped from the headlines and will not let you stop reading as it presents a world in which oil prices are skyrocketing, nuclear secrets are stolen, and events begin to come together to undermine the global system based largely on trust as money moves at lightning speed from bank to bank, et cetera. The one man whom the government turns in the crisis is a physicist who wants nothing to do with it. America’s salvation or ruin hangs in the balance. It should not surprise you that the author was among those who predicted the 2008 economic meltdown or that he build one of the most successful insurance firms in the country. A combination of experience and talent results in this novel.”
- Alan Caruba
Charter Member of National Book Critics Circle

“This is an outstanding novel! You won’t be able to put it down… from Social Security to retirement plans to the price of oil, everything will be affected, but how the author takes the reader there, you just won’t believe! This is one book that will give America a wake-up call. This is one thought provoking novel!”
- Fran Lewis
Internet Book Reviews

"A don't-you-dare-put-me-down ride! This first-rate thriller is woven around topical and plausible global pressure points, with healthy doses of intrigue, suspense, and full-on action."
- Eric Dillon
Former Amazon.com Advisory Board Member
Co-founder of Silver Creek Capital Management

"Loaded with today's and tomorrow's headlines...hard to put down!"
- J. Scott Griffin Jr.
President and CEO, Freestone Companies

“The only fictional part of this book I struggled with is the part where Two Harbor’s Press, the author’s publisher, tries to make the case that Dan Romain is a “first time” author. There’s no way in hell! This guy can write like the best of them. My professional investment advice is to buy this book and ask for an autographed copy. It will be worth a ton some day!”
- Mike Donich
Investment icon

“I read a lot of books and this is one that really grabbed me from the moment I started reading it. Dan Romain’s book reminded me of the first time I read Dan Brown’s book: The Da Vinci Code. It’s written in a very similar fashion. The details, suspense all tied together with science and the factual realities all of us can read in the headlines every day…I just thought it was a terrific book! Dan, when this book posts on Amazon, give me a heads-up. I want to be the first review everyone reads! You’re a terrific author and I look forward to following your work!”
- Cyrus Webb
Internet Host: Conversations Radio: Book Radio: Nationally Ranked

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